Outerwear Week: Knit Happy

My mom told me a few months ago that I needed to do an outerwear week on my blog. Can you guess why? It’s not because she particularly likes my coats (although she does). It’s not because she likes to make sure I’m wearing appropriate clothes at college. I’ll give you a hint - it’s because of something both of us have in common that she taught me to do. Knit! Here’s the breakdown:

Leather Jacket: Garage sale (Ann Taylor)
Scarf: Handmade
Hat: Handmade
Gloves: Handmade

Just as a note, probaby everything except my coats and boots will be handmade, so I reall don’t even need to put what brand things are. But I will. I like seeing in text all of the things my mom and I made.

My mom knit my scarf, hat, and gloves for me a few years ago. Isn’t she ridiculously talented? All of these are wool, but thankfully wool has come a long way in recent years so that it’s not scratchy at all. These lovelies keep me so warm while I’m walking to and from class.

These are just some of the many outerwears I’ll be sharing this week. I love the idea of an outerwear week because it’s one of the best parts of winter; you get to wear things you couldn’t even dream of wearing while it’s remotely warm.

Keep on checking back this week to see all things knit! Hahahaha.