On the shores of Lake Michigan

After a relaxing but productive (Is that an oxymoron?) spring break, it’s time to get back to the school grind. I had a wonderful end to the week with a trip to a few quaint towns on the shores of Lake Michigan. My dad and I spent the day popping in and out of shops, taking pictures of the waters and eating some amazing ribs. I can’t think of a better end to spring break! Here’s the breakdown:

Blouse: Jones New York via Salvation Army
Denim: Bisou Bisou via JC Penney
Sandals: Forever 21
Bag: Coach via Garage sale
Bracelets: Saver’s/Forever 21

For our one-day excursion, comfort and layers were key (I wore a trench coat while walking around). I wanted to add some color to the outfit instead of simply wearing a black-and-white blouse (quirky as the print might be), so cobalt blue colored denim were in order. I also wanted to take my new Forever 21 sandals, which surprisingly go with many items in my closet, out for a spin.