Obsession: Watches

What better way to begin a blog than with one of my favorite accessories of all time? I love watches, especially big-faced ones (the watch face with the black strap is huge). I wear the silver one all the time and with almost everything.

My secret to finding awesome watches? Garage sales. I bought all three of these last summer for a dollar each. A dollar! The cost goes up a little if you actually want the watches to work and decide to put in a battery, but I didn’t do that with any of these watches. They’re still set to the same time at which I found them at the garage sale. (My dad laughs at me for wearing watches without batteries, so I just consider them glorified bracelets.)

Mens’ watches are everywhere, and the best place to find them is at garage sales and in thrift stores. The watches usually have a lot of character to them and are fairly cheap - who’s going to argue with a dollar?

So this summer break, which is coming up in less than two weeks, I am hunting for more watches. Maybe I’ll find a new favorite!