Daily: Norweigan Sweater

As promised and because I love my followers, I’m making up for the post I missed yesterday. We’re even now, right? Well, since it’s Saturday, I’m going to make this simple. I’ve got lots of homework and reading to do. Here’s the breakdown:

Chambray Button-Up: Garage sale
Sweater: Goodwill
Jeggings: Old Navy
Wedge Booties: Simply Vera (Kohl’s)
Ring: Banana Republic

A few of these are spoils from my Indy trip on Thursday. This sweater, which is considered Norweigan (for those of you who are interested in knitting patterns), was found by my dad at Goodwill in the men’s section. He pulled it out because he thought the print was unusual for a men’s sweater, and he was right. It says pretty clearly on the tag that it’s a woman’s sweater. He basically told me I need to get it, and if you ask him where I got the sweater, he will proudly say he picked it out for me. 

I found the ring at Banana Republic in the ridiculously ritzy mall connected to my mom’s hotel. The ring was on sale for $8, which is a steal for anything from BR. I’m in love with all of their jewelry. All the time. Especially when it’s cheap.

Well, have a wonderful Saturday! Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for a special announcement about the upcoming week’s posts!