Daily: No Need for a Necklace

Easter break is a little different this year; usually, my university tacks Easter onto spring break, but because Easter came so late this year, we got a “bonus” break for it. So I’m not returning to school until tomorrow morning! I loved being able to spend my Sunday relaxing, eating dinner with my family, and doing homework without the pressure of having to return to school later that evening. Here’s the breakdown:

Blazer: Salvation Army
Tank: Goodwill (J.Crew)
Jeggings: Elle (Kohl’s)
Flats: TJ Maxx (Steve Madden)
Bag: Brahmin (c/o Vogue)
Watch: Gift
Ring: Charlotte Russe

My mom recently found this great J.Crew tank, which was brand new, at a local Goodwill and didn’t want it, so I graciously bequeathed it from her. The color is quite possibly my favorite ever, and the fabric appliqué on the front of it substituted itself for a necklace. No need to clutter what’s already pretty! Pairing it with this olive-colored blazer that I bought this weekend was a bit of an accident; the items just ended up near each other on the rack. I think the color combination is genius, and I’m going to keep it in mind as the weather continually becomes warmer and warmer. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Easter!