Daily: New Polish

I’m not usually a nail polish girl. What typically happens is that while I’m painting my nails, I just end up accidentally hitting one nail against something while it’s still drying. I don’t usually have the patience to redo that nail all over again, so I continue to let them dry. Predictably, within the next two days, that little spot begins to chip, and I feel this strong urge to peel the rest of the nail polish off. That means the polish on the rest of my nails is coming off, too. This happens every time. Hopefully this new polish will be different. Here’s the breakdown:

Dress: TJ Maxx (American Eagle)
Tank (underneath): Old Navy
Leggings: TJ Maxx
Boots: Target
Cardigan: Value City (American Eagle)
Earrings: Von Maur
Ring: Giveaway
Bracelet: My roommate’s (The Limited)
Nail Polish: Rimmel in Steel Gray

I was inspired by the fall runways to get a putty-ish nail polish, which I found yesterday! I love the color, which changes from gray to purple depending on what I wear. So I was inspired to base my outfit around my nail polish (lame, I know) - purple and gray, the best of both worlds.

My cardigan is actually from the guys’ section. I wanted a slouchier sweater a couple of years ago, so the best place was to buy a small from the guy section. I love lounging around in this cardigan. My roommate suggested that I wear her bracelet today, which she bought at The Limited for a couple of bucks. So thanks, Liz, for letting me borrow your bracelet for the day (and for taking my pictures every day)!