New in my makeup bag


This past weekend was Sephora’s semi-annual VIB sale. Considering Sephora’s products almost never go on sale, 20% off the entire store seems like a steal. I love taking advantage of the sale to buy tools I need to replace and maybe a splurge item or two.

It was time for me to replace my beautyblender, so I purchased another one. If you’ve never tried a beautyblender, you really need to. It’s unlike any makeup sponge you’ll ever use, and while I believe most products and tools have drugstore duplicates, the other sponges I’ve tried don’t compare.

While the beautyblender was the only thing I really needed, I wanted to splurge on an item or two. I was really drawn to the Sephora glitter eyeliner and mascara duo in this beautiful bronze/gold. I wouldn’t recommend using it as mascara, but used as a liner, it’s top-notch and not outrageously pricey. I can’t find it online, but it should be available in stores. (If not, Urban Decay has similar options.)

Finally, I picked up a YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in 24 Blond Ingenu. The color is so wearable year-round, and the satin finish is perfectly moisturizing, even for winter. Not normally something I’d spend full price on, the lipstick was a nice treat for myself. If you’re looking for something with a touch of luxury to add to your Christmas list, this lipstick is it.

Did you take part in the VIB sale at Sephora? I’d love to hear what you bought!

You can see more of my favorite beauty products on my dedicated Pinterest board!