Naked 3: A review

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I love eyeshadow palettes — and my makeup drawer will attest to that. My first non-drugstore palette purchase was Naked 2 last year. I used that palette for about three months straight (no, really, it was about three months), so of course when news that Naked 3 would be hitting stores in December, I freaked out with everyone else. 

After having the palette for a little more than a month, I thought a review was in order. The eyeshadow itself is smooth, not chalky (especially when paired with an eyeshadow primer). My big complaint is the color range; the shades are gorgeous, but it’s really hard to differentiate them once they’ve been blended on your lid (unless you’re using the darker end of the spectrum). Throughout the day, I’ve found that they all become one shade. While the rose gold is beautiful, I find I don’t reach for it as often as I do shades of brown, gray and black.

My verdict? If you’re into softer, subtler eyes, go with the Naked 3 palette. But if you’re looking for something a bit more versatile and with more kick, stick with the Naked 1 or 2.