Daily: My Owl My

What a busy, busy weekend! I had my dorm retreat and a bridal shower to attend the past few days, which means that today will be a full day of homework (think 100+ pages of Augustine’s Confessions). I’m going to need some major caffeine to stay awake. Here’s the breakdown:

Tee: American Eagle
Camisole: Gap
Jeans: Rue21
Flats: Garage sale
Hat: H&M
Ring: Giveaway
Necklace: Garage sale

This outfit is definitely all about the accessories, otherwise it’d be a relatively plain, boring outfit. When I got dressed this morning, I knew I wanted to wear this hat from H&M because I hadn’t worn it in awhile, so I shaped my whole ensemble around the hat. I love the patterns on my flats, plus they were inexpensive and at a garage sale. Can’t go wrong there.

Isn’t my owl necklace massive? My friend and roommate, Liz, who also takes my pictures, found it for me this summer. Fifty cents. I wasn’t sure if I’d actually ever wear it, but I bought it because it was an owl. And I really like owls. But I thought the outfit could use a little quirky eccentricity, hence the necklace.

Now onto homework.