Daily: My New Weekend Go-To

Today I am headed down to Indianapolis to visit with my parents (who are down there for a conference) and hopefully to do a little shopping. I was also promised some sushi and Greek or Arabic food, so that will be a nice change from the cafeteria food here at school. Now, if only the wind chill would change in Indy (it’s supposed to be 10-20 below throughout the day). Here’s the breakdown:

Silk Shirt: TJ Maxx
Cardigan: AJ Wright
Jeggings: Elle (Kohl’s)
Wedge Booties: Simply Vera (Kohl’s)
Necklace: Rue21
Hat: Handmade 

I made my hat. Surprised? Probably not. But I finished it a few nights ago, and I was dying to wear it. Since no snow is in the forecast for the next few days and because all of the snow is gone (for the most part) on the sidewalks, I thought I’d brave wearing my favorite booties. I also forgot I had this cardigan until I was trying to find a black shirt to wear for yesterday’s post. Isn’t it funky? When I first tried it on, I was a little worried about all the bulk at the front of it with the tie-waist, but I think that the rouching ends up being pretty flattering.¬†

I think I just discovered my weekend go-to.