My March Favorites and Highlights

March has been a month of ups and downs, and to be honest, I'm not sad to be waving goodbye to the month and embracing April and its promise of spring and slightly warmer weather. I've rounded up what makeup, skincare, and haircare I've been using, along with a few fashion, book, and app recommendations, so I'm sharing those in today's video on my YouTube channel! If you would do me a huge favor, hop on over to my channel and click the subscribe button.

In addition to my favorites from the month of March, I thought I'd share a few highlights from the month:

A Much-Needed Name Change

I'm sure you've noticed by now, but my blog and social media all underwent a name change, and Re-Mix-Her became The Cait Dossier! It really was a much-needed change and really reinvigorated my love of blogging. You can read more about why I made the decision to rebrand here.

Seeing Old Friends

A few of my old friends from Omaha set up a girls' makeup night earlier in March, so my husband and I made the trek back to our old stomping grounds. He ended up taking a cooking class while I saw these lovely ladies, chatted makeup and life, and drank some wine. It was a great way to spend Saturday!

New Hair, New Me

Isn't it amazing what a new haircut does for your attitude and your overall outlook on life? I chopped my hair at this salon, and I've really been enjoying styling my hair (which is something I never thought I'd hear myself say). I've shared my favorite hair products in today's video!

Discovering the Best Kitchen Gadget

My husband has really been into cooking lately, and he joined America's Test Kitchen. They recommended adding a knife sharpener to your kitchen gadgets if you don't have one, so we bought the one they most highly recommended. I cannot adequately explain how big of a difference this makes! Having our knives sharpened made me realize just how dull they had been and just how difficult they had been to work with. Our mise en place is so much faster to prepare now!

Renting the Runway

My husband and I have a black-tie optional gala coming up in April, and other than my wedding dress, I don't have anything to fit the occasion. I remembered hearing great things about Rent the Runway, so I rented a few dress options that will arrive the day before the event. I'm a little anxious about the fit of some of these, but they're sending multiple sizes and styles for me to try on. I hope to have a blog post about the whole process up later in April!