My Favorite Podcasts to Listen to While I Work


I’m very ashamed to admit this: I was skeptical about listening to podcasts up until four months ago. I didn’t understand how someone could listen to hours and hours of someone just talking, telling stories, interviewing others, etc. I dipped my toes into “Dirty John” because I enjoyed Bravo’s TV version of it and because I wanted my husband to know the story, and from there I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve been gobbling up as many podcasts as I can, and when I’m at work and not writing or editing, I slap on my headphones and listen to one of these podcasts:

  • For the foodie: I have massive love for America’s Test Kitchen, and even though he parted ways with them, Christopher Kimball is an icon. His podcast, “Milk Street Radio,” is full of variety, from call-in questions from listeners stumped about why their blueberry bread isn’t rising to interviews with chefs and cookbook authors who have experienced food around the world.

  • For the celeb-obsessed: If you enjoy hearing about celebrity news but want a snarky, hilarious take on it, “Who? Weekly” is your best bet. I end up laughing during every podcast as they break down who in Hollywood is a “who” and a “them.”

  • For the Bachelor franchise fan: I was late to the Bachelor universe, so I didn’t watch her season. However, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast, “Off the Vine,” is like a healthy dose of time spent with your best gal pals. She interviews some interesting people, and each episode breaks down some awkward confessions that make me realize my life isn’t as full of grimace-worthy situations as I thought it was.

  • For the entrepreneur: I have massive respect for the ladies at Who What Wear, so when one of them created her own podcast called “Second Life” about women who have found success through some unconventional careers and non-traditional ways of creating or reaching their dream careers, I knew it was an instant must-listen.

  • For the true crime junkie: I’ve started listening to my fair share of true crime podcasts, but none of them have mystified me as much as “Man in the Window.” It’s a collaboration between the LA Times and Wondery, the masterminds behind “Dirty John,” about the Golden State Killer. It’s creepy and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

  • For the bookworm: Reading has always been a passion of mine. I’ve always wanted to join a book club but have never found the time, but the “Bad on Paper” podcast fills that hole. They not only discuss books they’ve read recently, but they also discuss beauty, life, and love, which gives it a genuine book-club feel.

I’ve shared some of my favorite podcasts with you, so now it’s your turn! Let me know your recommendations—they will quickly find their way into my queue on Spotify!