My Beauty Resolutions for 2018


It's the middle of January, and I'm still in goal-setting mode (not a bad thing, right?). Being a lover of all things beauty, makeup, and skincare, I thought I'd share what goals I've set for myself in those categories for 2018. I've been making a way through quite a few products recently, which led me to reorganize and, in the process, rediscover some things I'd like to make use of and make a habit of this year.

1. Using what I already own.

I mentioned this in my overall 2018 goals, but I've decided I really need to try to make my way through what I already own. I've been in the terrible habit the past few years of buying whatever is new and now, which has led to quite a collection of makeup and beauty products that just end up sitting in my drawers. I'm determined to make my way through what I own, and when I need a new product, I won't feel bad for shelling out some extra cash for the best-of-the-best products.

The perfect makeup storage system

I found mine at Hobby Lobby, but this one from Urban Outfitters is spot-on (and comes in additional colors)!

2. Focusing on the inside out.

When I was prepping for my wedding, I was a champ at remembering to take my vitamin daily. My hair and nails really benefited from it, as did my skin, but I've fallen out of the habit of taking my vitamin each day. This year I'm going to come up with a system, whether it's leaving my vitamins and probiotics by the coffeemaker or setting a reminder on my phone. I also want to drink more water this year; I've discovered that drinking water from a straw helps me to drink more. 


3. More masking.

I have quite a stockpile of sheet masks, clay masks—you name it, I likely have it. I forget how effective they can be, so I'm setting a goal of using a mask at least four times a week. I'm intrigued to see if I'll see a difference in my skin after a few months.

4. Washing my brushes.

Ask anyone who enjoys makeup, and he or she will tell you the worst part of it is washing the brushes. They never stay clean, so it's a never-ending process. However, my makeup goes on so much better when my brushes aren't clogged with a month's worth of product buildup, so I need to make this a priority to do at least twice a month. Any volunteers who want to come help me?

A moisturizing mask for winter skin

While I tend to lean toward charcoal masks in the heat of summer, my winter skin needs hydration. This one is a current favorite.