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August Edit

If this first week of August is any indication, it's going to be a busy but fun month. I have quite a few shows and concerts on my calendar, plus I'll be celebrating my 25th birthday later on this month! Here's a look at what I'm looking forward to this month:

  • London Tea & Lemon Candle: This is by far my favorite candle from Bath and Body Works. It's fresh and smells exactly like a cup of tea; as soon as these go on sale, I'm picking up a few.
  • Anthropologie Metalwork Hurricane: I have a few similar gold hurricanes sitting around my apartment, but I love the look of these lights strung in them, as opposed to a traditional candle.
  • Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo: I've noticed a lot of product buildup in my hair lately, and even using my clarifying shampoo from the drugstore doesn't seem to clean my hair fully. I've heard this shampoo is the best clarifying, so I plan on grabbing a bottle and giving this a try.
  • The Tucci Table Cookbook: I love Stanley Tucci and his choice in movies, so when he came on the morning talkshow circuit a few months ago to talk about his new cookbook, it's been on my wish list ever since.
  • New York-Paris Notebook: Do I need yet another notebook? No. But this city-themed one is so darn cute!
  • V.Mertz in Omaha: My bestie and I went to this restaurant in the Old Market district of downtown Omaha for her birthday this past month. The food was delicious, the restaurant was gorgeous, and the service was excellent. I had a Groupon to use there, but I hope to head back there eventually for a special occasion.