My April Favorites and Highlights

April, much like March, was an emotional month full of changes. I'll talk a little about that below, but before we dig into my highlights, I've uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel! It's all about my most-loved and most-used products from the past month, including the cutest bag and the best summer perfume.

Below are some highlights from the past month; before you read on, though, be sure to pop on over to my YouTube channel to subscribe!

A New Job

I've been working from home for the past five years, but in January some changes started happening in our company, which led me to look for a new job. I finally got a new one after months of searching and feeling discouraged, and my first official day was the last day of April! I'm still working in marketing and the digital world, and while I'm definitely still getting used to a traditional office job, it's a nice change.

A Fancy Ball

Brian and I had the chance to attend this year's Nebraska's barristers ball, and I tried out Rent the Runway for the first time. We had such a blast heading to Omaha for the weekend of the ball, and I recounted my Rent the Runway experience in this blog post.

A Summery Update

After spending all last spring and summer searching for a wreath, I finally found the perfect summer one that isn't covered in flowers! I'm discovering I have a thing for lemons (and if you watch today's video, you'll find out another lemony obsession of mine), so this wreath fit the bill. I found mine at TJ Maxx, but here's a similar one.

Making Healthier Choices

Now that I have an 8–5 job that doesn't allow me to raid the pantry whenever I've bored or a smidge hungry, I've been trying to make healthier eating choices when it comes to what I pack for lunch and for snacks. I've started to eat more vegetables and fewer sugary treats, and I feel like I already notice a difference in my overall energy levels.

Celebrating Brian's Birthday

My husband's birthday was in April, and I planned an entire weekend celebration that included a lot of good food here in Hastings (Odyssey is my favorite) and in Lincoln (Italian for dinner and one of the best Sunday brunches I've ever had. I woke up super early the morning of his birthday to decorate the house and his office.