Daily: Multi-Functionalism

Can you tell that it’s slightly windy outside? Like, whip your hair and blow your shoes off windy? The bright side is that it was nice and sunny out, which means on the down side means that the photos are super exposed. But I’ll take a nice, sunny day with super exposed photos any day…unless it’s 90 degree out. Here’s the breakdown:

Hoodie Top: Borrowed from my roommate (Gap)
Skirt: Goodwill (Old Navy)
Heels: Banana Republic
Clutch: Old Navy
Necklace: Elder Beerman
Rings: American Eagle/Kohl's 

I picked this skirt up at Goodwill back at the beginning of March, and I wasn’t sure I liked it until I tried it on. I thought the print on it might be a little goofy, but I actually like it the more and more I look at it. The color mix in it is phenomenal - bright red, yellow, and olive green. It will go with so many of my tops this summer. I am all about multi-functionalism. 

Obviously I decided to go with an olive-colored top (of my roommate’s). Who would have thought to mix olive and pink? Makes me think that I have olive green shorts and a few pink/salmon-colored tops. Outfit inspiration? I think so!