Moving on

IMG_3151I’ve spent all this week back in Indiana helping my parents pack up their current house. It’s been a tough week; we had to put down our beloved dog and say goodbye to a lot of close friends. Even though I moved to Omaha a few months ago, in the back of my mind I knew I could always “go home” back to where I spent most of my childhood and see family and friends. But now that my parents are moving west, this feels like the real move. I no longer feel grounded to a single place, and it will be weird to celebrate holidays with family in a place where I have no childhood memories in.

However, I’m excited to see where life takes each of us. I’ll, of course, continue to live in Omaha. My brother is staying in the midwest and is preparing to get married in January, and my parents are moving to Utah. I’m certainly sad to see the home I grew up in be packed up and emptied, but I will cherish the memories I made growing up there and look forward to the memories sure to be made in new places in the future.