Meet Christen (my co-worker)

I love clothes. (You wouldn’t believe me if you peered into my closet and saw my meager selection, but I’m also a minimalist so less is always more.) The truth is that there isn’t a lot of space in my current closet//dresser (comes with sharing with a husband and two kids), so those clothes I do have need to pack a punch without breaking the bank.

My day-to-day wardrobe consists of yoga pants and bleach-splattered T-shirts (yes, I am have the typical stay-at-home-mom wardrobe), but there is the occasion where I actually have to leave the house. That’s where the fun comes in. Being a pastor’s kid with a limited budget growing up, I’ve picked up a couple tips here and there about saving money when it comes to clothes.

  1. Don’t buy new. Hit up garage sales. You can get lots of great clothes for dimes and quarters at garage sales. One of my favorite garage sale purchases was my Birkenstocks for 50 cents (a savings of $135.50!). That’s my “winter shoe,” and I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of them. Don’t forget your local Salvation Army/Goodwill/Savers. My sister is always finding great deals at Salvation Army and Goodwill — this is where I find most of my shirts. I recently scored a Banana Republic sweater for $3 — a savings somewhere in the ballpark of $60. I have also found that the best jeans come from Savers … seriously. My sister (my partner in clothes-shopping crime) recently found these for $30 bucks, and I saved $220 on my last pair of jeans found at Savers.
  2. If you buy new, hit the sales racks.Target sales racks are my favorite, especially off-season. I love cardigans, and Target sales racks generally have great cardigans (after after the Christmas/New Year holidays you can get some pretty fancy ones on the cheap!).
  3. Switch with a friend. This is especially great for clothes that you wouldn’t wear all the time, such as formals, maternity, “in-between” sizes when you’re losing weight and (in my case) sky-high heels. Switching out with a friend means you still get the look, but you aren’t breaking the bank getting there.

One thing to always remember is to have fun. Get great pieces that you’ll love to wear (and that will look great on), but don’t break the bank getting there.

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