The Spring Transitional Foundation


I have had serious spring fever lately. We've had a really dark, bitterly cold January and February, so despite my love of the winter, I am ready to be able to walk outside for more than two minutes without feeling like my face is about to fall off This past weekend we had temps in the 70s, so my desire for all things spring hit hard . . . and that includes my base makeup.

A few weeks ago I posted about my favorite winter foundations, so those have been on constant rotation for the past three months. I've been in the mood to shake things up and to try something different, and I've seen a few people talking about cushion foundations again. I was digging through my collection only to remember how much I love the Maybelline Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation.

Just to prove how much I love this foundation, I have been through two of these compacts previously. For someone who doesn't go through an entire bottle of foundation often, this should say something about my favorite cushion foundation. I went to Walgreens to buy a new one and have been reminded of just how perfectly transitional it is.

The coverage is medium, unlike many of its drugstore cushion counterparts, so it's the perfect middle ground for those sometimes-cold and sometimes-warm days of spring. The foundation holds up throughout the day (although I definitely have to set it with powder), and the color is almost perfect (although they definitely need to expand this shade range to be more inclusive).

Without a doubt, though, the best part of the foundation is its convenience. Cushions are incredibly versatile in their application, and while I love using it with a beauty sponge, I prefer to use it with an Artis-esque brush I bought at TJ Maxx. It's also really easy to throw into my bag for touch-ups throughout the day. Can you tell I'm hooked? If you're looking for a new foundation for the new season, this one is the one to try.