Make a meal out of it

Before my final semester as an undergraduate begins next week and my work turns from academia to job-seeking, I figure I may as well relax a little before then. My plans include being on Pinterest probably more than I should, doing a little thrifting and going through a few months of magazines and finding inspiration for winter dressing in the midst of the dreary weather. Here’s the breakdown:

Cardigan: Handmade
Tee: Old Navy
Denim: Elle via Kohl’s
Booties: BOC via a friend
Necklace: Gift from a friend
Watch: Garage sale
Bracelets: DIY

If you know anything about yarn or clothes in general, you’ll know that those little moths that eat holes in your clothes prefer the finer fibers (like merino wool, alpaca and cashmere). That’s why I completely forgot about this sweater — because it was in the cedar chest at my house. The cedar wood helps repel those tiny bugs that make a meal out of my favorite and softest sweaters.