Made my day

This is the silliest thing, but sometimes the smallest details can make your day that much brighter. Yesterday our Internet crashed in the morning, so I had to rush to a coffee shop Wifi hot-spot to work for the day. But despite the stress that comes with something trivial like my Internet crashing, I just had to look down at my wrists and see my new bracelets (one made especially for me by my bestie) and I was cheered up. Like I said, it’s the silliest thing, but it made me happy! Here’s the breakdown:

Vest: Old Navy
Dress: H&M
Belt: Goodwill
Heels: Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s (last year)
Bag: Target (last year)
Sunnies: H&M
Bracelets: Gift/Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s

This vest was one of those purchases that I paid full-price for solely because of how much use I know I’ll get out of it this upcoming season (and probably for a few seasons after that). I have an army green cargo vest that’s semi-similar to this one, but I wanted a khaki one for more versatility. I couldn’t find it online, though, so if you want one like it, stop by your local Old Navy! They have them in khaki and army green.