How I Edit My Instagram Photos


Algorithms are the word of 2018 so far, especially when it comes to Instagram. I've come to realize that the algorithms will change and disrupt how we're used to doing things, but I'm not going to let that affect the basics of how I use Instagram and what content I choose to publisher on the app. 

When it comes to creating content for my Instagram, here are the apps I use and how I use them:


After I take a photo using my iPhone X's camera app (the portrait mode is amazing and so fun to play with), I begin my editing with this app. I like to use the brightness feature to bring more light to my photos, and the clarify feature is one I sometimes use to bring sharpness to photos. I tend to crop my photos with this app. Additionally, I like to add the "Russ" filter as the very last step of my editing process.


This app gets a bad rap for its photoshopping capabilities, but it has quickly become a staple in my editing routine. I love the whiten and tones features, which help me remove any unwanted or dingy colors from backgrounds. The patches feature lets me remove any unwanted items that pop up in my photos (like electrical outlets), and the lighting features on the app help me achieve even more brightness to my photos.


A Color Story

This app has some incredible filter packs, and the one I always use is by The Glitter Guide called Flashes of Delight. My go-to filter in this app is called "Carrie" and helps cut out too much warmth in a photo. (I then go back to Afterlight to apply one last filter, and then I publish the photo.) This app also now has a grid planning and scheduling tool, which is incredibly handy!


For those few instances when I'm in the market for a photo with text on top, Canva is my go-to app. Its layouts make it incredibly easy to plug in a photo and text for a beautifully designed Instagram that looks like it took more than ten minutes to make.

Are there any apps I need to add to my arsenal?