A Cup of Coffee . . . For Your Face

A Cup of Coffee . . . For Your Face | Re-Mix-Her

Lush recently opened a store here in Omaha, and I've slowly but surely been trying to make my way through the store's inventory (hello, bath melts galore!). I picked up the Cup o' Coffee mask on a whim when I was in there last—and what a lucky whim it was!

While this mask doesn't look particularly lovely in the jar, it smells incredible, like you've just opened a bag of freshly ground coffee. It's quite a sticky mask with some serious grit to it due to its coffee grounds in the actual mask. But once you leave it on for a few minutes to try and wash it off, you're left with glowing, smooth skin. In the morning, it's great for leaving on while you shower to wake you up—and at night, it's like a mental caffeine boost (without having to ask for decaf).

What are your favorite Lush products? I'd love some recommendations on what to pick up next!