Looking back on the year

One of my favorite parts of keeping a personal-style blog is that it’s very similar to a diary, in the sense that I can look back on a certain day and remember what happened, where I was, and whom I was with. Particular days evoke different memories (family vacations, my summer spent as an intern, sweet times with friends) that matter much more beyond the clothes I wore. 

Today I’m taking the opportunity to look back on the year in outfits! I’ve picked out my favorite outfit of every month, as well as my favorite outfit of the year (pictured above). Do you have a favorite? I’d love to hear which one!

January: Thinking positive
February: Norweigan sweater
March: Raided
April: Turban (Rosie the Riveter)

May: Fancy pants
June: Unexpected combo
July: Taking my own advice
August: Mod (In more ways than one) 

September: ‘70s love
October: Eclecticism
November: Hey, Mom, I got my picture taken today 
December: On the bandwagon