Little red bag

The last few months of my undergrad time are quickly approaching, which means my fellow seniors and I are beginning to compile our portfolios and update our resumes. You might consider this a shameless plug, but if you happen to know of any jobs involving writing (preferably at a magazine or a publishing house), send those tips my way! Here’s the breakdown:

Lace Blazer: Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s
Striped Shirt: Old Navy via Goodwill
Denim: Elle via Kohl’s
Boots: WalMart
Hat: Forever21
Bag: Delia’s via a gift card
Bracelets: Dillard’s/Banana Republic/Garage sale/Gift

This bag was the result of a family member realizing she had a gift card to Delia’s she hadn’t used for five years and bequeathing it to me. After a failed attempt at buying a capelet from their online website, I found a store during a recent shopping trip. I realize I’m about eight years too old to like most of their merchandise, but this little red bag caught my roommate’s eye. Sold!