Light Blues


Raise your hand if you have the hardest time figuring out what to wear in the summers! I'll be raising both hands, and here's a list of reasons why I hate summer dressing:

  1. Finding a pair of shorts that don't fit like a diaper is quite the undertaking. 
  2. Wearing shorts with t-shirts gets quite old after a week.
  3. Trying to balance the heat and humidity of the great outdoors with the frigid air-conditioned indoors is nearly impossible. 
  4. Trying to be creative with summer clothing seems hopeless, as the only things that keep one cool are dresses, shorts, and rompers.

Does anybody else feel the same way? Most of the time, I end up dressing for the air-conditioning and make a mad dash from my car to a building to avoid as much time in the heat as possible. However, despite my moans and groans about summer dressing, I do like to incorporate the bright pops of summer a bit. I hesitate to wear white a lot (because I'm so pale and because I'm bound to get it dirty), so wearing lots of light blues with orange accents seems to be a good compromise.


Blouse: Who What Wear x Target (last year) | Jeans: Gap | Espadrilles: J.Crew | Bag: Target


What are your go-to summer outfit combinations? Who do you turn to for inspiration when it comes to warm-weather dressing? Help a girl out!