Life Update: Moving, New City, New Job

A lot has happened since my last post back in November of 2018. A full six months has both flown by and crawled by, all at the same time. Let me hit the rewind button a bit and walk you through a big life update since I last shared anything personal on here.


My husband, Brian, and I moved from Omaha to small-town Nebraska in May of 2017 so he could pursue a career opportunity that would give him a lot of experience. At the time, I worked remotely and could work from anywhere, so we packed up and headed a few hours west from Omaha to a town with a little more than 25,000 people.

Having grown up in a very small town (we’re talking less than 500 people), I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from small-town life. Brian, on the other hand, grew up in the suburbs and had this dream of how idyllic it would be. It was certainly not picture-perfect, in so many ways, but it had its bright spots—namely, some of the amazing people we met there. I learned so much from my time there, about myself, about relationships, about my career.

We knew going into it that small-town Nebraska would be a temporary stop on our life journey, always feeling a pull to Kansas City, where we ended up spending many weekends and holidays. Last October, Brian began job-searching and secured a new job at the end of 2018. We began looking for apartments, and I started my own job search after the new year.

January was spent trying to determine when exactly we’d end up moving, along with attempting to downsize from a house to a one-bedroom apartment. (Thankfully, Marie Kondo’s Netflix show had just released, so I was set on getting rid of practically everything we owned.) We packed up and waved goodbye to our life in Nebraska in the middle of February.

We’re officially residents of Kansas City (the suburbs, to be exact), and life has felt different in the best way possible since moving here. We’re both at new jobs we love, feel challenged in, and are constantly growing in. We’re closer to family (Brian’s) and now live in a city with an airport so we can fly to see my family any time. We have access to so much more culture and diversity than we did in our previous town, along with new restaurants, new experiences, and new adventures to try.


So that’s my life update! It has been a busy six months since I last blogged, with a lot of changes that have brought positivity and a breath of fresh air to life. We feel settled in our new city, and that feeling has brought about creativity and motivation that I felt was slowly being sucked from me when we lived in Nebraska. Life in that small town was incredibly slow and complacent, which affected me more than I realized until moving to KC. I feel reinvigorated and excited about life here, which translates into excitement and inspiration to create content again.

I hope you’ll continue to follow along as I share more on here. Let me know what types of content/topics you’re more interested in!