Life lately


Life lately has been slow—but in the best way possible. The weather has been beautiful here in Omaha, work has been clipping along at a good pace, and the weekends are filled with exploring new places and hanging out with friends. (If you’re not following me on Instagram yet, make sure you are!)

Top from left to bottom right: loving this pitcher Liz bought me for my birthday; spending afternoons working from a coffee shop; exploring Old Market in downtown Omaha; testing out Crave’s new brunch menu.


Top from left to bottom right: looking out from a rainy day; found new Keds at a local Goodwill for $6 (but I also love these, these and these); one of my favorite perfumes that I purchased with a Sephora birthday gift card; admiring autumn blooms.

Also, you have to watch this. My friend Jeni caught this very sweet moment, and it makes me smile every time I watch it!