That Body Glow

Lancome Belle de Teint Liquid Glow Trio Elixir | Re-Mix-Her

Being the translucent, blindingly white person I am all year round (although that might change for a few weeks this summer thanks to a package that arrived yesterday from Vita Liberata), I'm always on the hunt for something that will give me a natural, healthy glow to my skin that doesn't look unnaturally tan or gold. If you watched my May favorites video this week, this will be no surprise. Meet my new glowing skin companion, the Lancome Belle de Teint Liquid Glow Trio Elixir in Glow Vanille

The elixir is tri-phase, which consists of an oil phase, a water phase, and a pearl phase. You shake the product up to mix the phases together, and when combined they create the prettiest, most natural oil I've ever used on my skin. I like to mix mine with a gel moisturizer and apply it all over my legs and arms; it gives a very subtle glow without being overtly shimmery or glittery. If your foundation is feeling a little too dry and matte, you could even add a few drops into your foundation to give it a dewier finish. I use mine every time I moisturize my body or am going out at night, and my body looks perfectly summery (despite its constant state of fairness and freckles).