Just livin' my life

A few of you have been asking what I’ve been up to since I graduated from college. Surprisingly, life has been busy (but I won’t complain). Either Thursday or Friday is set aside as a designated garage-saling day. I found these two lovelies yesterday.

I have a summer internship with an author, so I work on that part time. I’m her editorial intern, which means I’m editing and writing scripts, blog posts, ebooks, manuscripts and articles. I also spend a few hours each day searching for a full-time job in publishing or at a magazine. Then I spend a couple hours doing some freelance writing and editing; I’m currently working on grant writing for an organization and catalog editing for a local retailer. Luckily, I can do everything remotely, so I’m living at home until I find a full-time job. Sometimes I work at my desk, sometimes I work on my bed and sometimes I work in front of the TV when tennis is on (Wimbledon starts on Monday!). 

I made a pact with myself to try to finish as many knitting projects this summer as I can. First on my list is this bag

Sometimes with certain patterns, a project will require that you “block” a piece of the project. Blocking helps a piece hold its shape, and it also stretches it out to the correct dimensions listed on the pattern. I had to block these two panels to the bag, so I pin them to the ground (with the correct dimensions), lightly mist them with water and let them sit overnight until they’re dry.

In my free time either at nights or on the weekends, I’m usually a) reading, b) knitting or c) coming up with DIY projects. The Be-Dazzler, which was a childhood staple of mine (as I was a ‘90s baby), is making a comeback in my wardrobe … just in a slightly classier way. I’m going to take some of my plain oxford blouses and turn them into DIY’d Miu Miu studded collars or like the one LC is wearing here.