My Summer Fragrance

I am a whole-hearted believer in the power of scent. Scent can evoke a memory, a time, or a place almost instantly, so I like to be cautious in how and where I wear my fragrances throughout the year. For instance, Miss Dior is my fall fragrance and takes me back to cooler, crisp days that are overcast and full of warm sweaters and lattes. The smell of With Love by Hilary Duff (anybody remember that OG teen fragrance?) brings back many memories of high school and early college days. In the first few months of dating Brian, I always wore See by Chloé.

When it came time to pack up and move a month ago and to start a new adventure with Brian as an almost-married couple, I wanted a new fragrance that would bring back memories of packed boxes, excitement for the future, and wedding planning. Jo Malone London, the iconic fragrance company, recently brought their scents to Sephora, which was exciting for me because I've never lived in a city that actually carries their bottles. 

During this past Sephora VIB sale, I took the plunge and purchased the Wood, Sage, and Sea Salt bottle without first knowing what it smelled like. Risky, I know, and not something I'd normally do—but I had heard so much about this scent in particular that I had to try it out. (Plus Sephora's return policy is amazing, so if I really didn't like it, I could send it back.) 

I must admit, this perfume took a while for me to warm up to. It's not something I normally gravitate toward; it's not a particularly feminine perfume filled with flowers and sweet smells, but it evokes a sense of walking along the beach in the summer. I've slowly but surely come to spritz a little on every day and can't stop wearing it. Jo Malone's fragrances are known for being quite pure and understated, but in the best way possible, and I think they're really elegant and fresh. 

On my list to try next? Blackberry and Bay is first on my must-try list. I wouldn't mind giving Basil and Neroli or Mimosa and Cardamom a go after that. If you're looking for a graduation gift to give someone or just a really special surprise for yourself, I think Jo Malone is the way to go. (Oh, and their packaging? You might not want to take the bottle out of the box.) 

Years from now, I know that if I were to smell this perfume, it'd remind me of my days as an engaged woman, starting the next chapter of her life in a new town.