January beauty favorites


Moisturizer | Cleanser | Eye Shadow (in Kitten) | Eye Shadow Palette | Concealer | Lip Therapy | Clay Mask | Body Wash

This month is all about keeping my skin hydrated in the harsh cold weather. Moisture, moisture, moisture is my focus, and while I’ve been trying to keep my skin and complexion as radiant as possible, that means I’ve kept other features (like my eye- and lip-makeup) to a minimum. The Naked 3 palette is perfect for a very subtle but glowing daytime look, and I’ve been using it almost every day since I bought it last month. And the chai body wash? It smells so good. 

(P.S. A few of these products I got from my Birchbox and Glossybox subscriptions. Get your own Birchbox subscription here, or your own Glossybox subscription here.