Daily: It's Snow Good!

I walked down to the bathroom in my dorm to put in my contacts after waking up this morning, and when I came back in to the room and saw the huge snowflakes out the window, I gasped. A loud, audible gasp of excitement. That’s right; I am one of the few people who get excited about snow and stay¬†excited about it through 95% of the winter. Here’s the breakdown:

Sweater: TJ Maxx
Jacket: TJ Maxx
Jeggings: Elle (Kohl’s)
Flats: Payless
Necklaces: American Eagle

I’ve been dying to have good reason to wear one of my cashmere sweaters this season, so I thought the first snow was a great reason to pull one out. This brown one is thin, but the cashmere makes it ridiculously warm and ridiculously soft. I’m a fan.

I didn’t want simply to wear a sweater, but I also didn’t want to sweat to death in the extremely warm buildings on campus. This jacket, which I kind of forgot I had in the depths of my college closet, was perfect! It was just enough to add something to the outfit without adding too much warmth. Add some leopard flats for a little print-on-print mix, and voila! I’m ready for the first snow.¬†