Daily: Indiana Jones

“Oh my gosh, you look like Indiana Jones today.” “You could totally go on a safari.” “You honestly look like you just stepped out of a Banana Republic catalog.” I was going for the safari look, so I was glad to hear that somebody caught on today. Also, thank you to the person who said comment number three. I’d love to hear that any day. I’m still trying to figure out if comment number one should be taken as a compliment. I’m voting yes. You can’t go wrong with Harrison Ford. Here’s the breakdown:

Jacket: Aeropostale
Blue Blouse (underneath): WalMart
Skirt: Goodwill
Tights: Kohl’s
Rain Boots: Goodwill
Belt: ???
Ring: Banana Republic 

I promise that the forecast said rain, which is why I wore my boots. I also promise that rain has not appeared, which is why I look so happy. I was ready to brave the supposed rain in my safari-inspired outfit. Part of the reason I love spring is because of the continuous safari trend that’s always in style (with little twists here and there). This jacket was discovered in the depths of my closet; I bought it probably my sophomore or junior year in high school, and it still fits! I thought the bronze, woven belt would be the perfect touch to complete my neutral-colored outfit. I’m ready for my cameo with Harrison Ford now.¬†