Daily: In Love with Leopard

Despite all of my proclamations of how much I love spring and bright colors, here I am yet again in neutrals. But a rainy day will do that to a girl; sometimes, rainy days just don’t provide the inspiration a wonderful sunny day provides. I’ve learned to cope…with leopard print. Here’s the breakdown:

Cardigan: Goodwill (Ann Taylor LOFT)
Leopard Blouse: Gap
Belt: Garage sale
Jeggings: Elle (Kohl’s)
Rain Boots: Meijer
Earrings: Gift
Ring: Banana Republic
Umbrella: WalMart

I knew two things when I woke up this morning: I wanted to wear this cardigan, and today’s forecast was rainy, which means carrying my new umbrella around everywhere. I also knew I didn’t want to do a boring, solid color underneath this cardigan, so when I went scouring about my clothing bins underneath my bed, I saw the leopard-print blouse and immediately knew that with a belt, it’d be perfect with this cardigan. Maybe a little print overload happened, what with the stripes in the cardigan, the leopard print on the blouse and umbrella, and the polka dots on my rain boots, but I’m okay with it. In fact, I’m more than okay…because I’m in love with leopard print. Oh, yes.