Daily: In Due Time

One of the odd parts of being a student is presentation days. I always enjoy the dressing up part, but the majority of people who know me say, “Oh, you’re so dressed up today! What’s the occasion?” All I want to say is that I wish I could dress like this every day. In due time, that will happen, I suppose. Here’s the breakdown:

Blazer: Forever 21
Blouse: Gap
Trousers: Ann Taylor LOFT (via a garage sale)
Heels: Calvin Klein (via DSW)
Bag: Garage sale
Watch: Garage sale
Bracelets: Garage sale/my grandma’s/Saver’s

This is one of my favorite blouses to wear. The detail is hard to see in these photos, but the buttons are these tiny, black gems and the geometric print is mesmerizing. Even more hard to tell is the tiny houndstooth print on the pants I found at a garage sale a few summers ago. Somehow, I always manage to forget about the many pairs of dress trousers I have in my closet. I vow to wear these (and more pants like them) from now on. You’re my witnesses.