I’m all about that base . . . coat, that is

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I love painting my own nails; there’s something so therapeutic about it. However, I am the worst about picking at my nails after even the tiniest chip occurs. I’ve finally landed on the perfect routine that keeps my nails chip-free for at least seven days … no joke. And it has nothing to do with the colored polish and everything to do with the prep beforehand, the base and the top coats.

To ensure chip-free nails, I use polish remover even if my nails don’t have polish to remove on them. Then I use the buffing side of a buffer block to (very gently) create a rougher surface for the polish to stick to.

For my base coats, I flip between Essie’s Millionails and Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails. This keeps my nails healthy and strong, despite the wear and tear of polish. After letting that dry, I apply a coat or two of color polish (currently digging Deborah Lippman’s Good Girl Gone Bad and Formula X’s Iconic). Then finally, the top coat. I just recently discovered Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. Guys — this top coat is a game-changer, a holy grail. This stuff works wonders and has probably made the biggest difference in how long my manicure lasts. 

I’d love to hear your tips for making your manis last as long as possible! Let me know in the comments. Have a good weekend!