How to get natural-looking waves (for curly girls)


I have naturally curly hair, and one of my biggest frustrations is that I don’t really know a variety of ways to style it. I also get frustrated when magazines give tutorials for girls with straight hair on how to make their hair wavy. What about curly girls who need tips on how to relax their hair into natural-looking waves?

I’ve figured out the perfect way to relax my curls into waves (as seen here) with … velcro rollers. After I get out of the shower, I comb through my hair and apply oil to the ends. Then I apply a styling creme to cut down on frizz and a volumizer/thickener to give my waves more shape. I then section my hair off and put the sections in velcro rollers, using the biggest rollers near the top of my head and medium ones near my neck. I let them air dry (I find that using a blow dryer can sometimes make the waves too frizzy), and after taking them out of the rollers, I spritz a little bit of hairspray on the ends of my hair. 

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