Beating the January Blues


How ironic that I titled this post "Beating the January Blues" and we are currently in the midst of a blizzard. Yes, you read that right: an official blizzard, according to The Weather Channel. Not that I'm complaining, though. I love a seriously good snowfall that keeps you inside for a day or two with nothing to do but pull out a good book, make a few cups of coffee, and snuggle up with your family. 


I mentioned in last week's vlog that I made a stop at H&M and briefly showed you this bright orange sweater I picked up. Confession: I wore it at least twice last week, and despite my very neutral vibes to the majority of my wardrobe, it fits in surprisingly well as a pop of color. Here's a look at the details of today's post (along with similar items if what I'm wearing is no longer in stock):

What I'm Wearing


I must admit that despite my neutral clothing tendencies, a bright piece really does wonders for the soul on a dreary winter day. Oh, and you know what does wonders for the lips? This gloss that I can't stop wearing.