Highlighter yellow

If you have any doubts about how neon and highlighter-like my belt is, I have proof. While at Starbucks yesterday, my friend Keri was using her highlighter, saw my belt and promptly highlighted my belt with her highlighter. The result? It blended right it. So there you have it: proof that this belt is truly bright (if not brighter in-person than it is on-screen). Here’s the breakdown:

Chambray Blouse: Goodwill
Skirt: Old Navy
Booties: Target
Belt: J.Crew via Salvation Army
Earrings: ???
Bracelets: Elder Beerman/LOFT/Nadri (c/o Vogue)

I’m making a few debuts of new additions to my closet. My recent Old Navy trip a couple of weeks ago was quite productive (i.e. I found a number of items on clearance, including this skirt for $7). Oh, and I might or might not have found this J.Crew belt brand new for 30 cents. I’m not a neon type of girl typically, but I’ve found this belt to be more versatile than I ever dreamed it to be.