Hats lately

IMG_7973 IMG_7980 IMG_7975 IMG_7982

Jacket: Loft (oldie but a goodie) | Striped Tee: Forever 21 (last fall) | Denim: Elle | Flats: Target | Bracelets: Target and Forever 21 | Hat: Marshalls | Bag: Vintage Coach

I’m back from Salt Lake City, and let me tell you: Getting back was its own adventure. A 14-hour drive turned into a 20-hour drive, a snowstorm, rain showers, I-80 being closed (for almost two days), a 6-hour detour into a different state and my license plate being blown off thanks to the 50+ MPH winds in Colorado. Ayayay. Needless to say, yesterday was not a fashionable day, and I was in workout clothes and a hat. I finally got around to unpacking and putting up some Ikea goodies last night, so stay tuned for some pics of my reorganized and updated apartment!

Thankfully, I have a stock of outfit photos for this week from my last week in Salt Lake City. I wore this for doing a little shopping and thrifting (go figure). Stripes? Check. My favorite jacket? Check. Hat? Check. I’m out the door.

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