Get on my wrist

Gold Bracelets

(First column: one, two, three, four | Second column: one, two, three | Third column: one, two, three, four)

Clearly I have an affinity for gold bracelets. If you were to look at my jewelry collection, it’s be made up of 70 percent gold and 30 percent silver. However, additions are always welcome, whether they be gold or silver.

A good stack of bracelets comprises equal parts classic, feminine and slightly edgy. Some of my favorites that I wear over and over again are vintages bracelets from my grandma, and some of my favorites were ones I picked up very inexpensively (hello, Forever 21 and H&M). I’ve put together a collage of some bracelets similar to those I already own and some bracelets I definitely wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.

Which do you prefer: gold or silver?