Daily: Freedom Never Tasted So...Free

Mondays are funny phenomena. For instance, this particular Monday is the first Monday of January, the first Monday of 2011, the first Monday of the interterm semester, and the first Monday of freedom from 15 items of clothes I’ve been wearing for the past 15 days. Freedom tastes good, especially when there are new Christmas clothes and a brand new, 3-week, mini-semester of one class to do. I feel like a new woman. Here’s the breakdown:

Turtleneck: Gap
Shorts:The Limited
Booties:Jessica Simpson (Macy’s)
Ring:Von Maur

Here it comes; I’m going to brag about the great deals I found after-Christmas shopping. Ring? $4. Shorts? $4. Booties? $30. My Christmas money was well spent, believe me. Aren’t these ankle boots just gorgeous? The color is wine, and I love the red tint they have. They’re sort of brown, sort of red. It’ll work for me, and for 30 buckaroos, too.

Short post today - have to get to my first class by 8 this morning! I love new semesters.