For RMH Readers: INDi Custom

I’m excited to announce that INDi Custom Premium Denim Jeans approached me and asked me to be a part of their new Blog Ambassador Program! As part of the launch of their new website, they’re offering all ambassador bloggers’ readers a discount for $20 off all jeans and free shipping using the code ‘NEWINDI.’ If you’ve ever had trouble finding that perfect pair of jeans that fits your body like a glove, INDi Custom is the place to go.

You can customize your own jeans to fit your specific body, so if you’re tall, petite or curvy, check out INDi Custom. My personal favorites are the Presidio Trouser Jean and the Low Rise Noe Straight 5 Pocket Jean.

The discount only lasts through Nov. 20! For more information about the Blog Ambassador Program and other blogs involved, click here