Daily: Fedora Love

Today seems to be a day to try new things, like my shoes, my hat, pictures in my dorm room because it’s raining outside, and a slightly sheer sweater. Maybe while I’m on this trying-new-things kick, I’ll do something crazy like eat octopus sushi, spend way too much money on a Mulberry bag, or ride the Dragster at Cedar Point. On second thought, maybe I’ll just stick to trying new things in my outfit. Here’s the breakdown:

Sweater: Garage sale (J.Crew)
Striped Cami: Gap
Boyfriend Jeans: Elle (Kohl’s)
Rain Flats: Goodwill
Necklace: Elder Beerman
Watch: Garage sale
Fedora: Rue21

I saw some really cute rain flats at J.Crew recently, and I just wasn’t willing to shell out $50 for them. I found these similar rain flats at Goodwill in Nashville for $3. However, they are really hard to walk in after they get wet; they become really slippery and are hard to dry out. So save your money and stick with rain boots, unless you want to wear rain flats only when it’s not downpouring. On the other hand, I would definitely recommend buying a fedora! It’s a great way to add a quirky menswear touch to any outfit.

As a disclaimer, I love almost all roller coasters. Just not the Dragster.

Daily: Fedora Love from Caitlin Wilson on Vimeo.