Favorite Beauty Vloggers: The British are Coming


It’s been a while since I did a roundup of my favorite beauty bloggers (last seen here), so I thought I’d better update you on my latest obsession: the Brits. Aside from their accents, which I find myself attempting to imitate at various points throughout the day, their tutorials and videos are killer … and now I want to take a vacation to London ASAP. Who wants to go with me?

  • Lily Pebbles: Lily’s product recommendations are always right up my alley, and her vlogs (she’s currently vlogging every day in May) make me feel like we’re real friends. Oh, and I want her entire wardrobe. 
  • Vivianna Does Makeup: Anna is just a genuinely nice, happy person, and she makes beauty tutorials seem attainable. She has really stepped up her editing game in the new year, too. Did I mention she and Lily both have incredible blogs I read every day? Never miss a post.
  • Amelia Liana: Amelia is the girl next door; you’d want to be friends with her, and her laugh is so infectious. Her weekly vlogs are hilarious, and you find yourself wanting to take part in her many European adventures.
  • Hello October: Suzie, like Lily, has an incredible wardrobe I want to steal, and her monthly beauty favorites videos are ones I look forward to. Her vlogs are edited beautifully and are just a treat to watch.
  • I Covet Thee: Alix is a fellow pale gal, so I find whatever she recommends also looks great on me. She rocks a winged liner and red lip like nobody else, and I’ve found myself sporting looks inspired by her during evenings out.
  • Fleur DeForce: Fleur is the first British beauty blogger I was introduced to, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Her eye makeup is incredible, and her review videos are so concise and spot-on.

Now it’s your turn: Any British beauty bloggers I need to subscribe to on YouTube? Let me know in the comments below!