Favorite beauty vloggers

DesktopI know, I know. I’m totally late to the whole YouTube game. I never quite understood how people could watch hours and hours of videos on the site, but lately my after-work hours have been spent watching beauty vloggers do tutorials on YouTube. Needless to say, I’m hooked, and I actually get excited every morning to do my makeup and try a new trick I learned from the experts. Here are four you must subscribe to:

GlamLifeGuru: She was recently featured in Allure, which got me started on the whole YouTube addiction. Her videos show a nice mix of high-end and drugstore beauty looks.

Lo Bosworth: Yep, the same Lo Bosworth of The Hills fame. Even though she doesn’t have a ton of content yet, what I’ve seen is so fun to watch.

MakeupByTiffanyD: Her eye makeup tutorials are killer. I want to try every single one.

Makeup Geek: She always seems to review the products I’m considering buying at the moment. And her tutorials are oh-so-practical.

Now it’s your turn: Who are some of your favorite beauty vloggers? Share with me in the comments below!