Daily: Fancy Party

Last night, the women’s programming at my university put an a women-only dinner to celebrate beauty, which was so fun (and yummy!). I went with the two pretty ladies you see above, ReBecca (my wingmate) and Liz (my roommate). We had so much fun eating food, listening to the speaker, and, of course, dressing up! Here’s the breakdown:

Striped Tee: Garage sale (INC)
Blazer: Goodwill (Gap)
Sequin Skirt: Goodwill
Tights: Hue
Heels: Garage sale (Jessica Simpson)
Rings: Von Maur and Banana Republic

I had a few outfits in mind last night, but I completely forgot about this sequined skirt. I bought it at Goodwill in January and figured I wouldn’t be wearing it until New Year’s Eve next year, but the opportunity arose and it was called a fancy party. What’s fancier than sequins? The correct answer is nothing. 

I love red, black, and white together; to me, those colors are the ultimate in classic. I also loved the fact that when I put the blazer on as the finishing piece, I said, “Holy cow! The only things I actually bought from the original store were the rings and tights.” What could be better than thrifted items that all work together into a fancy outfit? The correct answer is nothing.

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