Daily: Fall Arrived...Then Promptly Disappeared

Two days ago it felt like fall. Two days ago it was 68 degrees out as the high. But that was two days ago. Today it’s supposed to be 88 degrees. Come back, fall! Fortunately for you, my Tumblr friends, I snagged a few pictures of my fall-like outfit from Saturday. Who knows? Maybe my outfit will motivate the cooler weather to come sooner. Here’s the breakdown:

Top: Goodwill (Bitten)
Boyfriend Jeans: Kohl’s
Flats: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21

For me, yellow is a tough color to wear. I’m so pale that basically any shade of yellow just makes me look like I’m sick. The solution? Wearing yellow on my feet! It adds a great pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. I had a class on Saturday from 8:30-4, which should be illegal in academia, but I thought my outfit was comfortable enough for an all-day class without the typical college uniform of sweats and basketball shorts.

Also, I’m obsessed with these boyfriend jeans. Studs on the pockets? Yes, please!

How do you feel about wearing yellow?