Daily: Duo Denim

The day after Christmas can be so nostalgic, huh? When I was younger, I’d always think, “Yesterday at this time, we were opening stockings. Two days ago, I was so excited for Christmas that I thought it’d never get here. But I’m pretty sure that was the fastest day ever.” Don’t worry. I wasn’t a depressing kid. Just nostalgic. Here’s the breakdown:

Chambray Button-Up: Garage sale
Blazer: Goodwill
Jeans: Garage sale (H&M)
Riding Boots: Shi by Journeys
Necklace: Gift

I love continuing to eat my words even eight months after I made a vow never to wear denim on denim. So chambray isn’t exactly denim, but it’s close enough. And I swore I’d never wear it, but here I am yet again eating my words. With an outfit like this, though, they sure are tasty words.

I wanted to add a belt to cinch the jacket, but my dad and brother talked me out of it. I’m kind of glad they did. I think the outfit is just preppy enough as it is, and a belt would have interrupted the lines created by the jacket. So, Dad and Matt, you were right, but this doesn’t mean you’re my personal stylists now. Just every once in awhile.